The research team

Project Director Professor Mark Finnane

Project Research Fellows Dr Andy Kaladelfos , Dr Alana Piper, Dr Yorick Smaal

Project HDR Students: Robyn Blewer (PhD), Lisa Durnian (PhD), Kelly Staunton (BA Hons)

Research Associates:   Dr Lee Butterworth, Dr Chris Leppard-Quinn, Dr Kerry King, Dr Lauren Vogel

Project support officer: Dr Erin Maclean

Database design and software developer: Jeroen van den Muyzenburg

eResearch Team: Darcelle Hinze, Paul Jardine, James Li, Michael McGuinness,  Amanda Miotto, Heidi Perrett, Nick Rossow, Sam Searle, Sam Wolski.

Instructional videos: Eva Czaran

Other research assistance: Cassandra Byrne, Tyler Cawthray, Samuel Davies, Lachlan Dudley, Dr Anastasia Dukova, Jacqueline Fuller, Dianne Heenan, Clara Kruckenberg, Kate Marchesi, John Myrtle, Patricia O’Shaughnessy, Annie Rendle-Short, Constance Schoelch, Madlena Siuda and Hayley Stokes

Volunteers: The Prosecution Project database is the product of the research team and a large group of volunteers, working with us since 2014. They have been mostly recruited through our website, local history societies, and state archives newsletters. Volunteers listed here include our most frequent transcribers.  In addition to those named we acknowledge also the very generous help of the many volunteers from the Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and the North Midlands Project (WA) convened by Andrew Bowman-Bright.

Julia Carmichael, Wendy Carver, Beth Codling, Tracey Coleman, Alannah Croom, Enid Cullen, Deborah Curtis, Carol Davidson, Helen Dickinson, Claire Dunlop, Cheryl Fagan, Leanne Fitzpatrick, Melanie Hanlon, Sandra Hogan, Linda Ivett, Erika Krause, Joanne Lee, Sherry Lewis, Delma Mallcott, Allison O’Sullivan, Chloe Powell, Marilyn Roberts, Marie Rogers, Georgia Routledge, Jan Snowball, Marg Stork.

Other data contributors: As well as data collected directly by the Prosecution Project team and those listed above, the project database had also benefited from data shared by other researchers, or otherwise available online. Details of these additional collections are noted in the project data pages.