Citation Guide

To cite the Prosecution Project

Short Citation

Mark Finnane, et al. The Prosecution Project Database, (version 1, 17 July 2016)

Subsequent Citations

 Finnane et al, The Prosecution Project.

Full Citation

Mark Finnane, Andy Kaladelfos, Alana Piper,Yorick Smaal, Robyn Blewer and Lisa Durnian, et al The Prosecution Project Database (version 1, 17 July 2016).

To cite a Trial

The Prosecution Project Database [PP], (version 1, 17 July 2016), Trial ID #116766, Queensland Supreme Court [QLDSC], Thomas Ward, 1922.

Subsequent Citations

 PP, Trial ID #116766, QLDSC, Thomas Ward, 1922.

To cite a Research Brief

 Lauren Vogel, ‘Interloping at a history conference The Digital Panopticon: Penal history in a digital age’, The Prosecution Project, Research Brief 24, (12 July 2016, viewed 17 July 2016).