Christmas, crime and spirits

Research Brief 5   The festive period may be the season of good will, but this annual spirit of benevolence is not particularly apparent from the annals of criminal history. While court business is suspended across the holidays, crime is decidedly not. Just like the rest of the year, a variety of offences against property, […]

Unearthing criminal pasts

Research Brief 4   For those infected with the historical research bug, there are few more satisfying experiences than delving into the original records held in private, national or state archives. Almost every researcher I have encountered at such institutions – be they family, local or academic historians – insist that it is this treasure-hunting […]

Australian Legal History Libraries funded for stage II – ARC LIEF Grant Success

The ARC LIEF program has granted funding for the Australian Legal History Libraries Stage II for 2015. The Australasian legal history libraries stage II: Australia’s leading legal historians will partner with the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) to create a massive expansion of free online access to Australasian legal history through digitisation and data aggregation. […]

Griffith Research Fellows Awarded ARC Discovery Project in Comparative Criminal Justice History

Griffith Research Fellows Awarded ARC Discovery Project in Comparative Criminal Justice History The Prosecution Project’s research fellow, Amanda Kaladelfos, and Griffith University research fellow, Nina Westera, with their colleagues Lisa Featherstone (Newcastle) and Carolyn Strange (ANU) have been granted an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Award enabling comparative historical research into the enduring problems of […]

What makes a digital project digital?

Research Brief 3   eResearch Australasia 2014 has just been held in Melbourne. This is the conference that brings together people involved in doing and supporting digital research. The use of digital technology of course is now so much a part of research work that a plenary on the first day considered whether the ‘e’ […]

Uttering, not littering

Research Brief 2   Learning to decipher the handwritten criminal registers being used to construct the Prosecution Project’s database can be like learning another language. Over time the initially illegible appearance of nineteenth-century scrawl becomes more familiar. Those who work regularly with archival documents gradually learn the secrets of decoding the idiosyncrasies of historic handwriting; […]

Not another centenary?

Research Brief 1   In a world full of centenaries (outbreak of World War 1914, the prelude to Gallipoli next year, the Armistice of 1918 and the Versailles Conference of 1919) there are some that understandably escape attention. One of these is Australia’s Crimes Act of 1914. This was the founding statute of Commonwealth criminal […]

The Prosecution Project Website Launch Event

The Prosecution Project launch

The Prosecution Project is digitising Australia’s criminal justice records – to help researchers as well as family and community historians better access the past. Working with Griffith University Eresearch staff, researchers at the ARC Laureate Fellowship project have designed a website that will be used by researchers and crowd volunteers to transcribe manual records into […]